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Headlines. - Welcome to Edge of eternity.
Edge of Eternity is 5 years old guild, It was created back on wowbeez high rates realm, due to server falling apart we decided to move to another wotlk realm which was Molten (Sargeras). We spent there a good amount of time until we killed lich king himself and cleared all available content. Later on when cataclysm realms were released greymane / deepholm, we moved to greymane and decided to switch to alliance considering we played horde for way too long and got bored of it. As soon as transfers were available we switched to frostwolf due to bad experience from sargeras (Lots of fresh 80s joining battlegrounds etc)

We're looking for dedicated players, players who are willing to work for their stuff and not wait others to carry them. Mature players who are willing to help out and behave properly. (No insulting/picking on people, provoking, trolling/flaming etc.

Maturity, will power and dedication always boost groups spirit as well.

Currently we are getting ready to score new goals and try to recruit one of the best frostwolf alliance players whether they were PvE or PvP or simple social people. We are not hardcore PvE or PvP guild, we just want to enjoy the game together and have a good time.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, we'll be ready to accept you in our little wow family, because after all this game isn't as fun without friendly and social people.